We have 2 wonderful, inspiring patriarchs in our lives, my dad Richard Mudrow and Mike's dad Emile Holeman. This blog is devoted to our travels and celebrations with them. HAPPY TRAILS!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter at the BEACH!

On Saturday, April 7th, 2012 Mike, Emile, Isaac, and I headed out from The Dalles toward the Oregon coast. We stopped in Corvallis at Pastini's (a branch of our favorite Portland restaurant) for lunch.
My dad, Dick, and my sister Kathy (visiting from Florida) met us at the beautiful Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport. Isaac and I toured the aquarium with them while Mike and Emile headed north to Lincoln City, stopping by Mo's to buy chowder for dinner.
In the shark tunnel
Moon jellies contemplating Isaac (or visa versa)
A little bunny on the edge of the parking lot
Our little rental house in Lincoln City, Three Bells, as seen from the beach; we stayed in the same house in 2008.
Nice views and good conversation
Isaac cooking up the Mo's clam chowder for dinner (compliments of Emile)
Dying Easter eggs - Katja leads the way! Stu and Katja drove up from Eugene, spending their days with us and their nights in a cute little cabin in the local KOA campground.
We had gorgeous weather and beautiful negative tides both Sunday and Monday morning; here are some of my favorite beach photos.
Chiton 1
Chiton 2
Hermit crab
Sea stars
This one's growing an extra ray
More wildlife :-)
Sand art
Some of the best findings
No beach trip of mine is complete without a rock rainbow; on the right you see the purplest rock I've ever found (I'm pretty sure purplest is a word).
Mike made cinnamon rolls for Easter breakfast with sage advice from Emile.
Isaac and I attended Easter Mass at St. Augustine's Catholic Church; a peek out through the stained glass shows the lawn outside ready for egg hunters.
Back at Three Bells, Katja the Easter bunny delivers gifts.
Time to eat!
And then we nap.
One more beach visit before we go.
A happy, satisfying visit to the Oregon coast with best beloveds. Happy trails!