We have 2 wonderful, inspiring patriarchs in our lives, my dad Richard Mudrow and Mike's dad Emile Holeman. This blog is devoted to our travels and celebrations with them. HAPPY TRAILS!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Viva Las Vegas!

Mike's dad Emile came to stay at our house on Saturday, June 16th. We had a nice lunch at Eric and Kathy's on Sunday the 17th and headed to the airport mid afternoon. We arrived in Las Vegas after a quick 2 hour flight and were greeted by a happy, huggy Mariah who drove us to their beautiful home in The Trails section of Summerlin.

We had a wonderful finger food dinner and enjoyed catching up and checking out their hot tub before heading to bed.

Bright and early Monday morning (by 6:30 to beat the heat) we took off for the 1st of several morning runs (OK, brisk walking for me and runs for Greg, Mariah, Mike, and Isaac).

The Trails is aptly named - there's a long park and trail system the culminates in a nice community building and pool.

Back at the house
the pool was a refreshing highlight over and over, a place to cool off or work out.

Yep - it's hot in Vegas in the summer (see lower left).
After runs and swims, Isaac, Mariah, Greg, and I had work to do in quiet company.
Mike and Emile made good use of their time, too. :-)

Mariah and Greg's home is bright and beautiful. They moved in a few weeks ago and have been away most of that time but it looks and feels like home already.

 Lots of beautiful flowers inside
and out

 and a lucky 4 leafed shamrock!
 No end to the yummy food at their house
and at the 7000 foot level on Mt. Charleston Monday night (essential Michael Jackson playing in the background).

2sday Mike, Isaac, Emile, and I headed to Red Rocks Canyon National Conservation Area just half an hour from Summerlin. It's a popular area for rock climbing (see the white dot person just left of center) and hiking and features some wonderful petroglyphs and pictographs.

Mariah and Greg stayed home to work but had shrimp salads ready for us for our lunch when we returned from Red Rocks.
After dinner (bbq chicken, corn on the cob, and sweet potatoes) a limo arrived (thanks, Greg!) to pick us up at the house, take us for a cruise down The Strip,

and drop us at Treasure Island
for a dazzling performance: Cirque du Soleil Mystère (no cameras allowed so these are photos I downloaded from the internet).

The limo picked us up and dropped us for a few hours at the Bellagio where we enjoyed the Chihuly glass ceiling
 and the beautiful seasonal decorations in the atrium.

Proof we were there. :-)
We enjoyed live piano music and drinks but chose not to order the $1000 caviar.

Greg and Isaac each won about $100 playing black jack while the rest of us toured an exhibit of beautiful bronze statues of Cirque du Soleil performers
and then waited by the water for the beautiful water and light show before heading home.

Wednesday Greg and Mike had an early T time at a local golf course.
The rest of us held down there fort and kept the cats company.

Another delicious dinner Wednesday night

 and Greg's french toast waffles for Thursday breakfast.

Mike, Emile, and I took off for a visit to Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, an hour or so to the east.

Emile and Mike wave 'hi' atop the dam.
Here's the view from the dam of the huge suspension bridge tying Nevada to Arizona
and the view of the dam from the pedestrian walkway on the bridge.

We had a nice lunch in a Boulder City brewery before heading back through the gates into The Trails.

I got the bread started and my star pupil, Mike, did the lion share of the work while Isaac prepared his soup. Greg, Mariah, and I shopped at Best Buy for 2 lap tops that I'll take to Guatemala in a few weeks for the Beca Project students to use - such a generous gift!
When we returned home it was time to eat. MmmMMmmmm!
It was Patrick and Pearl's birthday so we celebrated with chocolate ice cream and they got to lick the bowls.
Friday morning Mariah brought out a box of soap making supplies and Isaac, Mariah, and I made soap.
When we got to the airport we made 2 discoveries: our flight was delayed 2 hours and home made soap looks suspicious enough to TSA folks to mandate a careful bag search.

We had a great visit - lots of time at the house, a few adventures out, great food, and wonderful company. Good bye to Las Vegas and hello to Oregon - happy trails, all!