We have 2 wonderful, inspiring patriarchs in our lives, my dad Richard Mudrow and Mike's dad Emile Holeman. This blog is devoted to our travels and celebrations with them. HAPPY TRAILS!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Arrival & 1st full day in Southern Cal

Mariah met us at the San Diego airport and we headed to Old Town for a nice lunch.

Here's the driveway of their beautiful home in San Marcos - looks like we picked the perfect spot for our vacation!
Mike, Emile, and Mariah (with good cat Pearl) hanging out.

Good cat Patrick rules the roost; here he's watching Mike and my dad watching tv.
Greg and Mariah worked a full day while the rest of us napped, caught up on reading, and ventured out a little. I hiked to a local shopping area where I bought a few small camping items at an outdoor store, a few small kitchen items at Marshall's, and a few small toys at a party place (total volume the size of a paperback novel). Mike went for a run and worked out at a local park.

Mariah came home and worked out on the back patio.
It's the best hotel in San Diego! Emile upgraded it today from 5 stars to 6. :-) Here are photos of a couple of the guest rooms...

...and a kitchen shot. They've done A LOT of work on this house - painting every wall and replacing all the cupboards and surfaces. Here you see the new cupboards, granite counters, tile backsplash, travertine floor tiles (they laid themselves throughout the house) and an iceberg tip of the wonderful food they're providing. Last night we had terrific pesto (prepared by Mariah from her own basil plants) and corn on the cob; tonight - spicy chicken chili and cornbread. :-)

I'll close today with a few photos from their beautiful garden. Happy trails!

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