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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy weekend

We've had a relaxing, fun weekend here in San Marcos. Saturday morning Carlos (just exiting the plane) arrived at the small airport in Carlsbad, about 15 minutes from Mariah and Greg's house. He left The Dalles at 2:30am and arrived just after 10am.
The weather has been wonderful every day - in the 70's with a slight breeze, comfortable inside and out. We spent most of the day outside playing Yahtzee (I had double yahtzees 2 games in a row!) and enjoying their beautiful garden; a resident hummingbird and some more flowers, large and small, are pictured below.

Clues to the sizes

Mariah and Carlos made salsa verde (green sauce) from grilled tomatillos from Mariah's vegetable garden...
...and we barbecued burgers for dinner.
We watched "The Kings Speech" (recommended!) and then listened to a recording of the original speech by George VI online - almost indiscernible from Colin Firth's rendition in the movie. Mariah is pictured below having a conversation with Pearl.
Sunday morning we headed to the beach in Carlsbad, south of Oceanside, 15-20 minutes from the house. Here's Carlos with the grandpas.
Mike takes a turn with Greg's kite, aided by Mariah.
Greg and Carlos play frisbee.
The seagulls and I watched the surfers.
Pelicans fly overhead.
Proof I was there (not sure what the small tracks are - too small for cat or dog).
Rock sculpture by Carlos
We enjoyed fish and chips at a beachside restaurant...
...and picked Isaac up at the airport before heading home for more Yahtzee and the finals of the PGA Championship on tv.
Greg is leaving on a business trip early tomorrow so this is the only night we'll all be together - say "cheese"!
It was meat fiesta night; here are Greg and Carlos manning the grill.
Ready, begin!! :-) Happy trails!

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