We have 2 wonderful, inspiring patriarchs in our lives, my dad Richard Mudrow and Mike's dad Emile Holeman. This blog is devoted to our travels and celebrations with them. HAPPY TRAILS!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

San Diego - HERE WE COME!

I am so delighted to be making this trip with best beloveds to visit best beloveds in San Diego! Mike, Emile, my dad, and I are mid flight (just crossing the Oregon/California border according to the online flight tracker) and everything has gone very smoothly so far.

Emile drove from Pendleton to The Dalles mid day yesterday (Monday, August 8th) and we finished tying up loose ends and packing and headed to the Embassy Suites near the airport thanks in large part to an incredible groupon.com deal I purchased a few months ago. The hotel is really gorgeous and just a couple of minutes from PDX. They provide appetizers and free drinks at the manager's reception nightly so we enjoyed that after settling in.
Here you can see Mike and Emile in the atrium as we headed out for dinner at Red Robin.

In the morning Mike worked out and I made a quick run to the airport to pick up my dad who arrived on a shuttle from an hour and a half south in the Willamette Valley. Emile got a head start on his reading for the trip.
Our suite also came with a full breakfast and a week's parking.
We shuttled to the airport...
...and here we are, cruising along at 37,000 feet. Happy trails!

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  1. I am so excited to be among the best beloveds you are visiting on this trip! Love you!