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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Old ships and good seafood

Mariah and Greg headed off to work again...
...and we got our wits about us and headed out on our 1st field trip - to the harbor area in San Diego and the Maritime Museum which is housed in the Berkeley Ferry, seen in the background of the photo below. The ferry was built in 1898 to carry passengers across San Francisco Bay and "is the finest example of a Victorian era steam ferry afloat". She was especially invaluable helping residents of the bay area escape fires caused by the 1906 earthquake.

That's one of dozens of beautiful sculptures dotting the promenade in the foreground.
The museum inside the ferry has lots of exhibits, featuring San Diego's Navy, lots of beautiful ship and engine models, and a fascinating navigation exhibit including this old teaching model for navigation and currents in the Pacific islands. (Big thanks to Richard Mudrow for buying our tickets!)
Here a volunteer is starting up the massive steam engine for Mike and me.
A couple of models

There was also a temporary art and artifacts exhibit entitled "Three Voyages to Paradise" focusing on the travel, discoveries, and art of Captain James Cook, author Herman Melville, and painter/sculptor Paul Gauguin. It was wonderful but photos weren't allowed so here's a hint from a postcard I purchased.
The top floor of the ferry had beautiful seating, plants, and stained glass and a large dance floor (we tried out the seating but not the dance floor).
Here's a view of 3 more of the museum's ships, a B-39 Soviet attack submarine from the cold war, the HMS Surprise (lots of masts and rigging near the left), and the Star of India (center, with sails). The Surprise is a replica of a late 18th century Royal Navy frigate used in the production of the film "Master and Commander" starring Russell Crowe. The Star of India was launched in 1863 and is the oldest ship in the world that still maintains a regular sailing schedule.
Looking skyward from the deck of the Star of India...
...and across at the Surprise (Berkeley ferry in the background).
We enjoyed a wonderful seafood lunch at Anthony's overlooking the harbor (thanks, Emile!)...
...before heading back to San Marcos to hang out on the back patio and to nap. :-)
Mariah and Greg returned from work and Mike joined them at their health club for a work out.

Seafood stir fry for dinner with banana splits for dessert - divine! Happy trails!
P.S. Meanwhile - back in Oregon - here's what Carlos was up to this evening. :-)

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